Mavericks-WiFi AUP

Mavericks-WiFi AUP


Thursday, September 17, 2015



Mavericks-WiFi is the open Wi-Fi network available at all Mercy University campuses and can be used by students, staff, and guests for internet access. In order to use Mavericks-WiFi, users will need to accept the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

If you are a Faculty & Staff member who has a Mercy University issued laptop or Surface tablet, the below steps are not necessary since your device will automatically connect to a secure wireless network.

To connect your device to Mavericks-WiFi and accept the AUP:

1.       Click or tap Mavericks Wi-Fi from the list of available WiFi networks on your device

2.       A splash page titled Mavericks–WiFi as shown in the picture below will pop-up.

3.       Read the page and click/tap the Continue to the Internet button at the bottom of the page

4.       If the page does not automatically pop-up on your device, open a web browser and navigate to any http webpage such as or and the splash page will open.  Then, Click/tap Continue to the Internet per step #3 above.

5.  Per University policy, after 24 hours have elapsed, you will be prompted to accept the AUP again.