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Behavioral Science: Health Services Management B.S./MPA

Bachelor of Science
  • 144 credits
  • School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Bronx
  • Online
  • Westchester
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Combined B.S./MPA

Behavioral Science: Health Services Management Overview

The 4+1 B.S./MPA Health Services Management program option offers a unique opportunity for qualified undergraduates in the Health Services Management concentration to complete their Bachelor's and Master's degrees in just five years.

The program is designed so students are able to complete 12 credits of study at the graduate level in their senior year that will count towards both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.

That means you are able to earn your master's degree faster and kick-start your career as a health care administrator. 

B.S. Behavioral Sciences: Health Services Management

Our B.S. Behavioral Sciences: Health Services Management Health Services specialization focuses your major and gives you knowledge and experiences that will set you up to be successful as a health services administrator.

MPA Health Services Management

In the MPA Health Services Management degree, you will gain knowledge and skills related to research, quality management, information technology, strategic planning and other skills needed to elevate your career and adapt to changes in the evolving health care delivery system in the United States. 

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Career Options

Graduates of the health services management program are employed in many areas of the healthcare sector including:

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes and home care
  • Individual medical practices
  • Medical equipment or drugs manufacturers
  • Medical insurance companies
  • Public health and patient advocacy
  • Health care administration

20% Growth

Career Outcomes

Career outcomes are expected to rise 20% through 2026*

$143+ Salary

Average Pay

The highest 10% of earners nationally in medical and health services management is more than $182,600*

36 Credits

Total Credits to Earn Your Degree

Classes in action research & data analysis, management information systems and health care financing

Admissions Requirements

Students who are interested in pursuing this program must apply to the MPA in Health Services Management during the Spring of their Junior year and must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 during their bachelor’s degree. Students must submit all application materials and will be interviewed by the Program Director or a faculty member from the program. 

Each applicant must submit the following:

  1. Mercy University application
  2. Current résumé
  3. Transcripts from all institutions attended, if all undergraduate coursework was not completed at Mercy University
  4. Two professional letters of recommendation on letterhead
  5. Two to three page essay providing the reasons the student wishes to pursue a graduate degree in Health Services Management
  6. Interview with the Program Director or faculty member from the program

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Health service managers occupy all levels of leadership within a variety of healthcare organizations. Health service managers create, organize and direct health care facilities and organizations. A healthcare manager is in charge of ensuring a healthcare facility is operating as it should in terms of budget, the goals of the facility's practitioners and the needs of the community.

With the combined B.S./MPA Health Services Management degree, full time students are able to complete both their bachelor’s and master’s in five years.

The HSMG program is offered at our campus in Dobbs Ferry in Westchester County and entirely online. Courses are also offered at the Bronx campus.

Courses are offered often, so you’re not limited to just day classes. Also, the entire program is available online. A combination of online and campus courses has been a convenient arrangement for many students.

Yes, faculty are always ready to help students with questions about what courses to take, the sequencing of courses, and career opportunities, including internships and cooperative education.

Most medical and health services managers work in offices in healthcare facilities, including hospitals and nursing homes, and group medical practices.

Program Details & Curriculum

Bachelor of Science & Master of Science

General Liberal Arts and Sciences
General Education Requirements: 60 credits

Major concentration
Major Electives: 60 credits (including 24 HSMG credits)
Open Electives: 24 credits (12 taken toward HSMG)

Total: 144 credits

For a full curriculum listing visit our catalog. 

Graduates of the 4+1 BHSC/HSMG program is expected to:

  1. Know and be able to use the concepts, methods, procedures and skills of health care economics, finance, accounting and quantitative analysis in health care management decision making and assessment of effectiveness and efficiency of operations.
  2. Develop and use the leadership and communication skills needed by the health care manager.
  3. Acquire knowledge of how health care organizations interface with political, economic, scientific, technological and religious institutions as well as other health care facilities.
  4. Have the ability to plan, organize, staff, direct, control and evaluate health care organizations and resources for optimal management and delivery of health care services.
  5. Interact competently with colleagues, patients (clients) and associates of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  6. Be aware of the technological advances to support health care operations and the impact on the delivery systems.
  7. Identify ethical principles and challenges facing the health care manager in a variety of health care settings in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
  8. Be familiar with the issues and challenges facing the heath care manager in a variety of health care settings in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
  9. Able to manage effectively the uncertainty and change of the 21st century health care environment.

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