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M3C Young Scholars Program

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Getting Young Scholars Interested in Mathematics

In existence since 1994, the M3C program (Mathematical Modeling at Mercy) provides academically gifted, economically disadvantaged high school students the opportunity to take part in a summer long high-level mathematical modeling program.  

The goal of M3C is to attract capable students - including women and minorities - into mathematics and science by engaging them as participants in a series of activities designed to highlight mathematics and science as exciting, challenging, productive and rewarding fields of study. 

One hundred percent of former participants have gone on to pursue higher education (many at prestigious colleges and universities) and over 95% of former participants have gone on to major in Science or Math.   

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The Summer Program

Real-world problems from the physical, natural and environmental sciences will be used to introduce the young scholars to the mathematical modeling process. Classroom instruction and hands-on activities in the computer and science laboratories will be supplemented by weekly visits to research centers.  

There will be opportunities to meet with the senior personnel and will use several software packages and develop completed project reports.  

Students will be exposed to research methodologies, to career options in mathematics and science and to the ethical issues facing today's scientific community. 

At the end of the program students present their projects to their peers and parents. Students who like math and sciences with a B or better grade average are eligible. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.  

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Career Exploration

Career Exploration activities include: 

  • Field trips to research centers will bring students in contact with scientists and the environments that they work in 

  • Speakers will be invited to address the participants on career opportunities and ethical issues in science and mathematics 

  • Specialists will be brought to educate students on college preparation 


The program is designed to allow students to appreciate math and science for what they really are, and that's fun, fun, fun and highly educational too.  

Scholars explore the Hudson river and record the velocity of the river from mid-stream to the bank. Later At Bard college, sample of animal life from different sections of the river are collected to uncover the mysteries of that particular biosphere. 


Although scholars are broken up into groups named after scientists, they are part of one large team and always feel free to ask for assistants from the teachers and/or student aides.  

For the final project, each group must do their best to model their problem and present their solution. 


  • The U.S. Department of Education 
  • Mathematical Association of America's (MMA) Tensor-SUMMA Program
  • Mercy University

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