Naushad Kollikkathara

  • Assistant Professor, Data Analytics
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Dr. Naushad Kollikkathara, Assistant Professor of Analytics in the School of Business has over twelve years experience in academic research field including in business development, data analytics, visualization, environmental resource management, computational modeling and statistical analysis. He has over six years of experience in roles as Business Process Manager, Sustainability Officer and Managing Principal positions for regional and multi-national firms. He has also worked as a researcher at the Indian Space Research Organization in the field of Geospatial Analysis. He has taught at SUNY Westchester College as well as at Montclair State University, NJ for over six years. He has several scholarly publications in peer-reviewed high impact journals with close to 300 citations and has delivered presentations in national and international conferences. He is frequently recognized for his innovative teaching styles and classroom experiences. 

Ph.D. and MBA - Montclair State University, NJ

MS , University of Kerala, India


Research interests include computer simulations, and reinforcement learning in data analytics, clinical data analytics, system dynamics and geospatial information systems for location intelligence. 

Business Analytics and Machine Learning

Data Analytics with R

Data Visualization

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Chopping, M., Su, L., Laliberte, A., Rango, A., Peters, D., Kollikkathara, N. (2006). Mapping Shrub Abundance in Desert Grasslands using Geometric-Optical Modeling and Multi-angle Remote Sensing with CHRIS/Proba. Remote Sensing of Environment | Elsevier, 104 (1), pp. 62-73.


Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Grant Fellow

Kevin P. Bradley Outstanding Impact Award for enhancing Business Analytics program at Montclair State

Certificate of Achievement from NJ Department of Community Affairs for contributions to Brownfields program, 2006

Indian Space Research Organization research fellowship

Best Master's dissertation award