Nancy Heilbronner

  • Associate Professor, Secondary Education
Associate Professor Nancy Heilbronner

Dr. Nancy Heilbronner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Secondary Education in the School of Education.  She specializes in Educational Psychology and Gifted Education and has authored many publications in the field. She has served as Associate Dean and Interim Dean for the School of Education and Interim Associate Provost for the College.

  1. Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut
  2. M. S. in Gifted Education, University of South Florida
  3. B. S. in Early Childhood Education, University of Virginia

Research interests include promoting the academic and social-emotional welfare of K-12 gifted students.  She also focuses on developing talented science students.

Dr. Heilbronner teaches courses in educational psychology for students hoping to become middle and high school teachers. She also teaches educational assessment.


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Texas Legacy Award

Belin Blank Award