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Global Honors

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Global Honors at Mercy

The Mercy University Global Honors Program is a special academic program whose mission is to transform highly motivated and talented students into intellectually sophisticated and civically-minded college graduates through an integrated curricular and co-curricular program that emphasizes interdisciplinary, collaborative, experiential, and self-directed learning. Undergraduate students from all majors and programs at Mercy who meet the eligibility requirements are welcome to apply to the Global Honors Program.  

Inquiries can be directed to the Program Director Patrick Fazioli, Ph.D. at: honors@mercy.edu.  

Students in the Global Honors program.

Program Benefits:

  • Enrollment in small, seminar-style classes with hand-picked Honors faculty and other highly motivated students 
  • Zero-cost for textbooks in all honors courses 
  • Priority registration 
  • Unique learning experiences including common reads, service learning, independent research, and participation in undergraduate conferences 
  • Special co-curricular activities and events, including receptions, invited speakers, and trips to local cultural and historical attractions 
  • Special recognition at Commencement 
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Getting Started

If you are interested in joining the Global Honors Program we encourage you to reach out to us with questions honors@mercy.edu or complete the online application.

Apply Now!

Admission to the Global Honors Program

Admission to the Mercy University Global Honors Program is through application only. Students are evaluated holistically based on their reflective essays, history of academic success, and commitment to service and engaged leadership. To be eligible to apply for admission to the Global Honors Program, students must be full-time and be registered for a majority of their classes at a physical on-campus location (fully Distance Learning students are currently not eligible for admission to the Honors Program). 

Students applying to the program after High School must have a minimum High School GPA of 85. 

Students applying to the program after completion of credits at another undergraduate institution must have a minimum GPA of 3.2 and must be transferring 12-75 credits towards their Mercy University degree completion. Students transferring more than 75 credits towards their Mercy University degree are not eligible for application. Students transferring fewer than 12 credits will be evaluated on their High School GPA. 

Continuing students at Mercy University may apply for admission to the Program after a minimum of 12 credits and up to a maximum of 75 credits have been completed at Mercy University. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.2.  Students must submit one letter of recommendation from Mercy University faculty. 

Maintaining Satisfactory Progress in the Global Honors Program

Global Honors students must make adequate progress in achieving program expectations to remain in Good Standing. Satisfactory progress is defined as: 

  • Maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above. 
  • Maintaining an Honors course GPA of 3.2 or above. 
  • Completing a minimum of twenty hours of community service per academic year. 
  • Attending a minimum of four Honors-approved Mercy University academic events per academic year. 
  • Demonstrating the academic and behavioral standards of Mercy University students. 
  • Completing approximately one Honors course per semester. 

If adequate progress is not maintained, a student will be placed on Honors Program probation for one semester. If satisfactory progress is not resumed, the student may be dismissed from the Honors Program thereafter. 

Graduation Ceremony

Requirements to Complete the Global Honors Program

  • Complete degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or above. 
  • Complete Global Honors Program curriculum with a GPA of 3.2 or above. 
  • Complete all service and engagement requirements of the program. 
  • Complete a Global Honors Capstone project. 

Students who entered the program as Freshmen must complete a minimum of 24 honors credits. Students who entered the program as Transfers or Continuing students must complete a minimum of 15 honors credits.

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Global Honors Courses

The classroom is the heart of the Global Honors Program. Hand-picked honors faculty foster a unique pedagogical environment that emphasizes collaborative, interdisciplinary, and experiential, and self-directed learning. Honors courses fulfill General Education requirements and can also be taken as liberal arts electives. 

Some examples of recent honors topics courses include: HONR 290: Astronomy of the Ancient World, HONR 292: Art of the Americas, HONR 299: Philosophy of Virtual Reality, HONR 291: Religious Diversity & Dialogue, HONR 293: History of Latin Music, and the HONR 298: Economics of Social Media.    

Students who have completed at least 15 credits at the University and who have a GPA of 3.2 or higher may enroll in Honors courses, if space is available. 

Members of the Honors Advisory Council

  • Delia Amsterdam, PACT Bronx Representative 
  • Dorothy Balancio, School of Social and Behavioral Science Faculty Representative 
  • Trisha Beharry, Admissions Representative
  • Haley Collazo, Library Representative
  • Irina Ellison, School of Health and Natural Sciences Faculty Representative 
  • Patrick Fazioli, Program Director 
  • Saul Fisher, Office of the Provost Representative  
  • Raj Kumar, Student Success/PACT Representative 
  • Peter Minorsky, School of Health and Natural Sciences Faculty Representative  
  • Victoria Núñez, School of Education Faculty Representative 
  • Celia Reissig-Vasile, School of Liberal Arts Faculty Representative 
  • Bogdana Vladescu, Student Affairs Initiatives Representative 
  • Mahmud Wazihullah, Director of Business Honors Program

To learn more about the Honors Program or to schedule an appointment with an Honors Program representative, please contact us by email: honors@mercy.edu