Student Spotlight: Arleigh Kubel

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Student Nursing Association Vice President

Arleigh Kubel '24

Arleigh Kubel is a senior from Connecticut at Mercy University's School of Nursing. Throughout her time at Mercy University, Arleigh has shown leadership and commitment to excellence to her peers and community. She currently serves as the vice president of the Student Nursing Association (SNA) and works as a Nursing Tutor at the Center for Academic Excellence & Innovation (CAEI). In previous years, she served the campus community as an orientation leader to welcome future students as well as a learning fellow, leading recitation sessions. As of Fall 2023, Arleigh achieved induction into Sigma Theta Tau Honors Society, the Zeta Omega chapter. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

Q&A With Arleigh

How did you hear about Mercy?

"I heard about Mercy through my high school guidance counselor who introduced me to Mercy and their nursing program."

What inspired you to pursue nursing?

"My decision to pursue nursing was sparked by witnessing the compassionate care provided by nurses during a family member's illness. Their dedication to alleviating suffering and supporting not just the patient, but also their loved ones, deeply resonated with me. This understanding of nursing's holistic approach inspired me to pursue a career where I can make a meaningful difference in people's lives every day."

Who are your role models or mentors? 

"My mentor is Colleen Powers, the nurse practitioner at Mercy's Westchester campus. Over my four years here, she has skillfully guided me through the highs and lows of nursing school. She has also been a supportive confidant as I navigated personal challenges. Without her invaluable guidance, advice, and compassionate nature, I wouldn't have achieved the excellence I have today."

What are your plans after graduation?

"I plan to return to Connecticut and go into medical-surgical nursing to hone my clinical skills. Once I've gained expertise in this area, my goal is to transition into labor and delivery nursing. I plan to go back to school and one day become a nurse practitioner. My ultimate goal is to become a nurse educator and teach future nurses."

How did I find out about the Student Nursing Association?

"Throughout our academic journey, I've closely collaborated with President Kyra Reyes. I initially served as interim vice president of the Student Nursing Association (SNA) and retained my position through official elections. I ran for this role because, during my time at Mercy, I've encountered various ideas for improving the nursing program. Confident in SNA's ability to collaborate effectively with nursing staff, I'm eager to play a meaningful role in this process."